Errors backing up VM using DPM 2016


You’ve added a Hyper-V VM onto DPM 2016 and the VM is failing to backup.

Replica creation fails with the following error “DPM failed to communicate with DPM Server Name because of a communication error with the protection agent. (ID 53 Details: Not implemented (0x80000001))

Subsequent Consistency check’s fail with the error “An unexpected error occurred while the job was running. (ID 104 Details: Unknown error (0x80041024) (0x80041024))\If you watch the VM in the Hyper-V manager you will see the snapshot attempt to be created but seems to fail around 9% and immediately merges the changes.


The simple solution to this is to edit the VM properties and uncheck the “Backup (volume shadow copy)” checkbox from the list of Integration Services.

Once this is done, re-run the Consistency check and it should work.

3 thoughts on “Errors backing up VM using DPM 2016”

  1. Fantastic. I’ve been struggling with one particular server in our hyperconverged stack with DPM. Sometimes it would back up, more often, it wouldn’t. De-selecting the VSS integration tool was an immediate fix.

    Thank you!

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